Why make a website? Why not? Resumes are extremely limited and boring. This website conveys my personality and capabilities beyond a simple sheet of paper. I hope you will get a better sense of who I am after browsing through my site.


I am Nicholas Lekatsas, an inquisitive and sociable electrical engineer located in the Boston metro area. I grew up destroying any electronics I could get my hands on. I found an outlet for this curiosity and passion in the telecommunications, networking and electronics technology program in technical school. This lead to earning my degree in electrical engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. I subsequently fell in love with the city and put down roots here. Being an unconventional engineer and naturally inquisitive, I continue to dabble in unfamiliar areas and consistently feed my desire to learn. Over the last decade as a working professional, I have picked up a wide breath of experience including management, research & development, systems design, manufacturing, product design and am listed as the primary inventor on several patents and applications. For more information regarding my professional experience, please refer to my resume page found here